Video of men in Polo Originals attire.
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“I started with the origins of tradition, but I was not bound by it. Polo Originals carries on that timeless tradition for today.”
Ralph Lauren
Polo Ralph Lauren icons whoosh with endurance at the historic Goodwood Motor Circuit on England’s South Coast
Men in vintage cars at the racetrack.

Motor Circuit

Men in Polo work jacket and brown tweed vests.
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in Design

This season, Polo Originals mixes quality craftsmanship with understated elegance. The pieces in this collection gain a sense of enduring style through a design approach that combines traditional tailoring and legacy fabrications in unexpected ways. They express Polo’s signature blend of heritage and sport—inspired by the early days of Grand Prix history when racing gear, classic workwear, and finely made tweeds all took to the track
Men on car at racetrack in brown and grey Polo Originals attire.
Precision in Design

The Fair
Isle Sweater

This sweater echoes the tradition and artistry of knitting with mixed yarn to create vibrant motifs that evoke a sense of rustic elegance. Named after a small island in the north of Scotland, these sweaters are a testament to the ingenuity and skill of the island’s inhabitants. They were originally crafted by hand, using yarn scraps, to create intricate patterns and color schemes. The process was a labor of patience and precision, but the result was a garment as beautiful as it was functional.
Precision in Design
Drawing of Killian Aviator coat.

The Killian Aviator Coat

In Detail

An artfully burnished leather coat made to weather the elements and be worn for generations.


In the 1930s, the British aviator coat had to do many things: keep its wearer warm; allow for layering and ease of movement; and provide plenty of pocket room for key equipment, maps, and gloves. The Killian does all those things, plus it’s been fabricated with a mark of refinement using only the best materials.
Vintage cars in a garage.

Driven by the Details

Woman wears brown leather shearling jacket, blue sweater vest, and brown hat.
Precision in Design

The Café
Racer Jacket

Treated with a crackle effect to emulate the natural warp and wear of time. Each one is individually hand-painted with signature graphics to evoke the sponsorship logos of bike racing uniforms in the 1930s.
Black-and-white photo of two cars racing at the track.
Man in blue cable-knit cashmere sweater stands in front of a race car.
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Spec sheet drawing of a Bentley Blower car.

Spec Sheet

The “Beast,” as the Bentley Blower was called, had a supercharged, 4.4-liter engine and averaged a speed of 90 miles an hour, but its tanklike construction made it an unlikely candidate to win a 24-hour race of pure endurance. Years later, Ian Fleming’s choice for 007’s car in the early James Bond novels was a Blower

Video of men in Polo Originals suits and vests.


Man gets measured in brown suit jacket.


Tough & Refined

Part haberdasher, part auto supply shop—the world of polished manners meets the muscle and metal of the auto garage once again

A Legacy
of Timeless Design

From One, Many A three-piece suit is like a Swiss Army knife. You can wear it all together or in parts, as seen here: a finely tailored tweed jacket and vest worn with a pair of beat-up cords