A young Ralph Lauren in black turtleneck looking around corner

Ralph Lauren The Man

Style is very personal. It has nothing to do with fashion. Fashion is over very quickly. Style is forever.”

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My Inspirations

Video highlighting Ralph Lauren’s muses

The Making of a Collection

A Vision of Style

“I’ve always loved the freedom of taking a pattern or fabric and using it in an untraditional way.”

Ricky Lauren in sport coat & trousers
Ralph Lauren in tux on runway with models

The Heroines of the Collections

“In my mind, I create a world based around the girl. When I design a collection, I have that heroine in mind. She is the star of my movie and expresses what I have to say. I study her character, and I create for her and through her.”

Ralph in cowboy hat & Westernwear riding on horse

My Dream of America

“I discovered this heritage of a timeless America, uncontrived, free-form and free-spirited, natural and from the earth, and it touched me and became the living part of all that I design.”

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My Craft

Video highlighting the techniques used to create Ralph Lauren luxury products

Portraits of Craftsmanship: The Ricky Bag

Timeless Luxury

“For me, luxury is a sensibility, an approach to life. It’s not about the season’s newest anything. It’s about personal style and creating an environment of comfort and ease. Luxury is quality and timeless elegance.”

Sketch for a suit next to tape measure & thread
Mr. Lauren in tailored suit next to sports car


“I prefer a timeless style and a certain elegance. The fitted shape, the cut, how you feel in it—that’s what I mean by good quality and taste.”

Pink Pony logo embroidered onto fabric

My World