Video of ball crew on US Open tennis courts.
Collage of photos of spectators, tennis players, and ball crew on tennis court.
“Tennis has always been more than just a sport. It’s a celebration of tradition and sportsmanship on a global stage. We are endlessly proud to be part of this special history, dressing fans and on-court ball crew and officials of the US Open, Wimbledon, and Australian Open.”
Ralph Lauren
Online Exclusive

World of Tennis

Celebrating the timeless tradition of style and sport
Graphic of New York City skyline.
A celebration of modern athleticism and emotive spectatorship surrounded by the electric energy of New York City. As the last Grand Slam Tournament® of the year, this tournament welcomes its passionate fans to USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center when the stakes are at their highest
August 28–September 10, 2023
Close-up of feet in white Polo tennis shoes.
Man wears navy US Open sweatshirt and US Open bucket hat.

US Open Collection

Modern sportswear with classic style and bold graphics
Navy and green US Open graphic T-shirts.

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Video of models in blue US Open sunglasses.
Exclusive Eyewear

US Open Sunglasses

Sporty and classic, with a touch of color—shop frames inspired by the energy of tournament play

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Navy and green US Open windbreaker and folded white cricket sweater.

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Grey US Open robe and blue Polo briefs.

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Navy and green US Open jacket and backpack.

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Navy tote bag with US Open graphic.

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US Open Polo backpack, bucket hats, and tennis shoes.

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Man on tennis court wears US Open ballperson Polo shirt.
Official Outfitter

US Open Uniforms

Ralph Lauren is proud to design the official uniforms for the on-court tournament staff. Embracing high-performance sustainability, the ballperson Polo shirt is crafted with CLARUS®, a textile innovation from leading sustainable material science startup Natural Fiber Welding, Inc. that transforms virgin and recycled cotton into a high-performance fabric
Video of people in tennis-inspired spectator outfits.

Spectator Style

Polished looks mixing classic sportswear, elegant tailoring, and modern ease

TheSporting Life

On and off the playing field, Ralph Lauren’s style traditions pay tribute to the timeless sophistication of sport