Video of men in collegiate-inspired Polo attire.
Chapter 2


Man in three-piece suit standing in front of men in rugby uniforms.


Since 1967, Polo Ralph Lauren’s priority continues to be designing apparel that unites functionality with enduring beauty, relevant style, and unsurpassed quality


Approached through a cinematic lens, the Polo Originals collection unites the timeless appeal of traditional British tailoring with an American style sensibility


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Four men walk down the street in dark suit jackets and vests.
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Down to the Last Stitch

Labels of Legacy In an homage to our roots, the Polo Ralph Lauren Originals collection features our signature 1980s blue label—the fourth to debut in Polo’s history
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Three men in dark suits and coats talk on the street.
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The New Gents

Gentlemen dressed in traditionally tailored Polo Ralph Lauren take the streets of Auld Reekie—the affectionate nickname meaning “Old Smokey” given by locals to Edinburgh that originates from the days when smoke once hung over the Old Town neighborhood